Gunther von Hagens, Angelina Whalley
BODY WORLDS. The Original Exhibition (Ausstellungskatalog Niederländisch)

6. Auflage. Sprache: Holländisch.
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Never before has an exhibition moved the public as profoundly and changed the view of personal corporeality as strongly as has Gunther von Hagens BODY WORLDS. Through the aesthetic presentation of real, anatomically prepared human bodies, the exhibition uses death to convey descriptive knowledge about life and lets it become a deeply impressive encounter with ones bodily interior. More than 32 million people worldwide, of which 6 million in Germany, have experienced this encounter. This catalog shows the extraordinary: anatomical specimens that have been prepared and preserved with a special technique invented by Gunther von Hagens. In addition to the medical-anatomical description of the human body, the catalog contains contributions to the topics of anatomy and plastination, posed specimens, and mandatory interment, as well as articles written by renowned scientists from the fields of anatomy and medical history, philosophy, aesthetics and art history, biology, and religious studies.
The chapter about the anatomy and function of the human body is divided into the following sub-chapters:
1. The Locomotive System
2. The Nervous System
3. The Respiratory System
4. The Cardiovascular System
5. The Digestive System
6. The Urinary Tract
7. Reproductive Organs
8. Prenatal Development
9. Whole-Body Plastinates
New edition with attractive design and color illustrations. A bestseller and standard work! (Dutch Language)

Gunther von Hagens, born in 1945, studied medicine and graduated from the University of Heidelberg. In 1977, he invented plastination, a revolutionary preservation method for anatomical specimens. He patented the technology and, thus, laid the groundwork for its further development. In 1994, he founded the Institute for Plastination which provides plastinated specimens for teaching purposes and the world-renowned BODY WORLDS exhibitions. Gunther von Hagens is visiting professor at the University of New York, USA and Dalian, China and has published numerous scientific articles and papers.
Angelina Whalley, born in 1960, studied medicine at the Free University of Berlin and graduated from the University of Heidelberg. There, she met Gunther von Hagens, and they got married in 1992. The approbated doctor is the President & CEO of the Institute for Plastination and the conceptual designer of the BODY WORLDS exhibitions, which debuted in Japan in 1995. Since then, more than 32 million people in cities of Asia, Europe, and North America have seen the exhibitions.

ISBN 3937256245
EAN 9783937256245
Seiten 216 Seiten
Veröffentlicht November 2011
Verlag/Hersteller Arts & Sciences
Autor Gunther von Hagens, Angelina Whalley

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