Frank Höchsmann

Kachestvo obsluzhivanija s tochki zrenija gostja

Rukovodstvo po povysheniju kachestva obsluzhivanija v gostinicah i restoranah. Paperback. Sprache: Russisch.
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Competition has increased dramatically in the hotel- and gastronomy sector. In addition to that, the expectations, wishes and demands of potential guests have changed substantially. So we have to take these factors in consideration as quality requirements, in order to compete in the market.
Our here described concept depicts international and regional trends, describes what an offer should like and the most important elements in quality and service quality from the view point of the guest. It also includes detailed checklists with over one hundred criteria for quality, in order to implement service quality into day-to-day work.
Our checklists have been proved successfully in several workshops and mystery tests. They have been useful in both, hotel chains and medium-sized hotels and restaurants.
Our checklists are being updated constantly, due to the continuous changes in guests- expectations. This way the innovative hoteliers and restaurant-owners who implement our concept can and will have an effective system for quality measurement and control at their disposal.
We also provide questionnaires to be filled in by the guests, as to enhance hoteliers and restaurant owners to measure service-quality in a quick manner from the view of the guest. The questionnaires contain ten questions with ten different evaluation options, which have been adopted by hotels top of their class

Is a business economist and quality auditor according to DIN EN ISO 9000 ff. He can draw on many years of international experience as a quality representative, manager, and auditor. He worked for international companies and organisations for several years. During his career, he has been a trainer for more than 12,000 professionals and managers. Focus: Quality and sustainability management as well as
international project management.

ISBN 3755734893
EAN 9783755734895
Seiten 96 Seiten
Veröffentlicht November 2021
Verlag/Hersteller Books on Demand
Autor Frank Höchsmann

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