French Hacking

Learn French With Short Stories - Fifteen Beginner Stories With Parallel French And English Text

Paperback. Sprache: Französisch.
kartoniert, 218 Seiten
ISBN 1922531197
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Veröffentlicht März 2021
Verlag/Hersteller Alex Gibbons
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Do you want to learn French without feeling like studying? Do you want to learn idioms and speak like a real Parisien? Do you want to read French stories without having to flick through a dictionary every other word?
Imagine how impressed your friends and family will be and how awesome you'll feel once you're able to have a fluent conversation with a native French speaker. Imagine sitting in a nice café in Paris sipping on your coffee and enjoying a croissant when someone strikes up a conversation and you're able to hold your weight the whole time. What if this wasn't a dream and became a reality?
French Hacking's "15 Short Stories" will allow you to progress your French and learn what and how to talk to sound like a native. Learning French doesn't have to be difficult. Most of what you learn in class and grammar books are rarely used in real life scenarios. Stop wasting your time and begin learning more efficiently.
Learn what to say and start conversing, even if you're a complete beginner!
French can seem like a daunting language with loads of different conjugations, rules, and exceptions. By repetitively seeing and learning simple sentence structures and phrases, you'll better understand the language and have the essential knowledge to improve your French!
Even if you're brand-new to the language or you don't have much time to dedicate to learning, the advice, tips and tricks you'll find inside provide you with a tried-and-tested path to success. So if you've been wanting to learn or improve your French, this book is for you.
"Une nouvelle langue est une nouvelle vie." - Unknown
"A new language is a new life." - Unknown
Inside, you'll discover:
- Real life conversations you'd hear out on the streets of France
- Definitions of words below the paragraphs so there's no need for a dictionary
- Bilingual French/English text so you can read line by line
- Idioms to sound like a native speaker
- Descriptions of important words and whether they're masculine, feminine, nouns, adjectives, etc.
- Comprehension questions after each chapter to further your understanding of the text
It's possible to begin conversing in French quickly by learning the right things. All you need is the proper material, idioms, and sentence structures within this book.
Ready to begin your journey to becoming conversational in French? Then scroll up and grab your copy now!