Harvard Business Review, Deborah M. Kolb, Rob Cross, Joseph L., Jr. Badaracco, Laura Morgan Roberts

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Managing Yourself, Vol. 2 (with bonus article "Be Your Own Best Advocate" by Deborah M. Kolb)

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A Must Reads for ambitious and curious professionals of all career stages who are interested in managing their professional selves&#8212focusing on their work, managing their careers, and managing the relationship between their work and the rest of their life.

  • We've read everything we've ever published on managing yourself so you don't have to. This volume collects the best and most essential articles on managing yourself since the first volume published in 2011. It combines a mix of HBR's most foundational and influential pieces with future classics.
  • The ideal volume will cover a range of issues of interest to motivated professionals, including: emotional intelligence, managing your energy, avoiding burnout, opportunities for self-reflection, work/life balance, purpose, and more. Audience: Leaders and managers at all levels who want to manage themselves better. Folks who may be feeling burned out or weary or bored who are looking to be inspired, reenergized, and grow. This book will be equally engaging, inspiring, and relevant for first-time readers of the series and any of the hundreds of thousands of people who bought the original must reads.

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