Menelik cc Ngene
The Man Who Saw And Lives In Your Tommorrows

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This true crimes thriller chronicles the present writers experiences changing your world,fighting for you and fighting your government crimes syndicates and their corona iris spreading intellectual property thieves while living and working in South Africa with South Africa,Nelson Mandela, all the black South African Presidents,their best intellectuals,wives,children, their black apartheid agents and their crime bosses in the US,UK,BRITAIN,FRANCE,VATICAN,CHINA,RUSSIA, our European and United Nations. Book highlights the still ongoing international global crimes involving USA,BRITAIN,FRANCE,GERMANY,EUROPEAN UNION,UNITED NATIONS,NIGERIA,SOUTH AFRICA your lawyers,leaders and human rights activists are too compromised to bring to court.
US President Barack H Obama's intellectual propery stealing crimes told in this edition. This edition published an over half a century post civil war document addressed to my biological father. Find out why your governments and their crime partners invests a lot of global resources fighting this truth
Welcome to my African Odyssey in South Africa part two.

Menelik CC Ngene is a botanist,humanist,multi published book author, an untired humanitarian human rights champion, a retired cross cultural christian missionary pastor, which had helped pastor majority white Pentecostal Churches, Baptist Churches,Evangelical Lutheran Churches,Anglican Church,totally black Africa Instituted Churches across denominations, race and cultures.
He founded a new field of Study called the Biblical principles in project management,and used it to train the deans,deputy deans,circuit leaders and top leadership of the Central Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Africa and train the ordinands of the Church of England Anglican Communion's Desmond Tutu School of ministry.
Working with a Johannesburg based King Luthuli Transformation Centre for Southern Africa which was founded under the auspices of Mrs Coretta Scott King,wife of Dr Martin Luther King Jr' by
some of Menelikcc Ngene's ex work colleagues in partnership with the Coretta Scott King founded King'Centre in Atlanta and the US Embassy in South Africa, Menelikcc
helped found over hundred Start up Public benefit organisations.
Working alone,Menelikcc built the greatest Africa and Diaspora Ministerial Action network to against HIV/AIDS to assist South African residents infected and affected by #blackapartheidANC money making HIV/AIDS program.
Menelikcc also created a half a billion job opportunity project to help jobless South African residents. Project secretly hacked copied, stolen and misapplied by South African goverment for their health, energy,water,housing,transport,education,personal,regional,provincial and national development and failed
As a KNOWLEDGE & INNOVATION genius, ideas which were hacked and secretly adapted from his works had been used to solve global problems, startup and run first degree bachelor of arts university programs in five South Africa universities, win US presidential elections for the White House and US Congress, reshape and run the US, European Union,Nigeria,South Africa,France,German,China,Russia governments and your world.
If you think these are in the past. Think again,look,listen & learn. The year 2020 is on a few days old, ,but your world and it's time contractors are already gone on a copy, fake or distract attention from everything menelikcc does over drive.

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EAN 9781393576617
Veröffentlicht Juli 2019
Verlag/Hersteller Menelik cc Ngene
Autor Menelik cc Ngene

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