Mike Lawrence

How to Read Your Opponents' Cards

The Bridge Experts' Way to Locate Missing High Cards. Sprache: Englisch.
epub eBook, 171 Seiten
EAN 9780910791809
Veröffentlicht Januar 2015
Verlag/Hersteller Devyn Press

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World champion Mike Lawrence teaches you the critical skill of card location in contract bridge: how to determine which cards your opponents are holding based on what they did or didn't bid and what they've led or haven't led. Learn to spot and interpret clues from the opening bid on. He tells you what a bridge player should think about, why, and how. Each chapter explains a principle and gives examples. All chapters but the last, which is about reading subtle tells and signs from your opponents, have a quiz section to help you practice techniques. Applying Mike's expert logic as each card is played will point you to the likely location of the remaining unplayed cards. If you follow his tips and concentrate on counting, distribution and applying deductive reasoning, your bridge game will greatly improve.


By Mike Lawrence

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