Sebastian Klein, Ben Hughes

The Loop Approach

How to Transform Your Organization from the Inside Out, plus E-Book inside (ePub, mobi oder pdf). Sprache: Englisch.
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How best to adapt established companies to a rapidly changing economy has long been a topic of debate in both the corporate and academic worlds. This challenge is especially pressing for large organizations that may have grown top-heavy and rigid with time but now need to be light on their feet to stay relevant and profitable.
Until now, the best attempts have consisted of plucking tools and methods from the world of start-ups and applying them wholesale in large corporate environments. Most of these efforts have either fizzled or failed outright because they lacked a framework for a comprehensive corporation-sized rollout.
»The Loop Approach« introduces a new series of methods that could help change the course of operations for even the most colossal organizations. Sebastian Klein and Ben Hughes provide a wide-ranging set of guidelines for achieving corporate agility, complete with checklists and worksheets that should prove instantly applicable. Want proof? The methods outlined in »The Loop Approach« have already been successfully implemented at such European corporate giants as Audi, Deutsche Bahn, and Telekom.


Sebastian Klein ist Psychologe und Organisationsentwickler. Er ist Holacracy-Coach, Partner in der Transformationsberatung TheDive in Berlin und Herausgeber von Neue Narrative, dem Magazin für Neues Arbeiten.
Sebastian Klein is a psychologist and organizational coach. He has worked in management consulting and has co-founded several startups in the media field. Currently, he's a partner at the transformation consultancy TheDive, which helps organizations of all sizes explore new ways of collaboration.