The Worldbuilder's Journal of Legendary Adventures (Dungeons & Dragons) -

The Worldbuilder's Journal of Legendary Adventures (Dungeons & Dragons)

365 Questions to Help YouCreate Mythical Characters, Storied Worlds, and Unique Campaigns. 'Dungeons & Dragons'. Sprache: Englisch.
Notizbuch , 368 Seiten
ISBN 1984824635
EAN 9781984824639
Veröffentlicht Mai 2020
Verlag/Hersteller Random House LLC US
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An official Dungeons & Dragons journal featuring 365 writing prompts to help role-players of all levels get their creative juices flowing.
Building something from scratch is exciting, but it can also be a challenge. Within this journal lie 365 prompts to help you start your journey. Every page will steer you to strengthening the details of your world, whether you're playing within the vast Dungeons & Dragons cosmos or creating a landscape of your own design.
You'll encounter insightful questions that encourage you to delve deep into the backstories of your characters and their enemies, and what drives them to a life of adventure. You'll also see prompts that reference D&D myths and legends, some familiar and others more obscure. Answer them as best you can or let them be the spark that starts your journey into the endless realms of D&D lore.
Above all, this guided journal, like D&D itself, is driven by your imagination. There are no wrong answers, paths, or rolls here (though once the game begins there are no guarantees). Nor do you need to be a master storyteller, writer, or artist. You just need to aspire to create and have the courage to build something you may have never before imagined.


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