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How to Write a Winning Business Plan

A Step-by-Step Guide for Startup Entrepreneurs to Build a Solid Foundation, Attract Investors and Achieve Success with a Bulletproof Business Plan. HC gerader Rücken kaschiert. Sprache: Englisch.
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The one thing investors seek when funding new ideas - here's what to do if you want to turn your business into the next Apple.
Having a great idea isn't enough to launch a multi-million-dollar business.
Let's face it, investors don't put money in ideas. They need concrete evidence that they'll get a return on their investment, and a good business plan gives them such information.
Do you have a hard time figuring out how to get a business plan down on paper?
Are you tired and confused by all the business jargon, just wanting a straightforward how-to guide outlining exactly what you need to do?
Business plans are the heart and soul of a successful company - they give you focus and operational clarity that can kick major mistakes to the curb. No matter how good your business idea is, you will need a plan to create a solid foundation before going on the market or trying to get investors on board.
Did you know that even science says you need a business plan to make your startup a success?
One study found out that companies with a business plan grow 30% faster than competitors! In addition, startups with a business plan achieve more sustainable success in the long run.
So, what's the secret to writing a business plan like a seasoned pro or a Fortune 500 company CEO?
It's not something you'll learn in business school, as experience shows a completely different side of running a business. For best results, you need to learn from someone who's already been there and who has conquered the almighty business plan.
In How to Write a Winning Business Plan, you will discover:
What a business model canvas is and 4 reasons why you should be using it
How a great idea dies in the absence of good organization and the one thing to do about it
9 business plan building blocks to put organizational specifics in place
Surefire ways to overcome financial conundrums and secure the investment needed to help your business thrive
Ways in which successful CEOs mitigate business startup risks
A bulletproof technique to write a killer value proposition
Tactics for pinpointing the right customers and reaching them through the power of marketing
A comprehensive guide to understand your business model in a structured way
How to analyze the competition if you want to benefit from some competitive advantage
And much more.
Most guides focusing on business plan creation are rather vague, abstract, and non-specific. By relying on those, you'll never put together a tailored strategic document that will set you up for success from day one.
The methodology you'll find in How to Write a Winning Business Plan is derived from reality and analysis of the best corporate organizational approaches out there.
It doesn't matter what field you operate in or how big you want to grow. This methodology is the way to understand your business better, putting together realistic expectations and goals for the future.
If you want to learn the secrets to writing a winning business plan, then get your own copy now!


Having been involved with secret organizations on either side of the law, Mr. Grant is experienced in a wide array of clandestine operations. Some he can't talk about. Some he dares not mention. He knows more about DEA gray-room operations than he should; ditto for the highly competitive world of industrial espionage. Bribes and favors are solicited and paid in all segments of society; from Main Street to Wall Street, from the ballot box to the highest levels of government. Don't ask him how he knows--he won't tell you. As a student of history and human nature Mr. Grant's quest for knowledge took him far beyond America's shores. He learned old-world countries are far more adapt at applying furtive tactics--it is in the genes of their countrymen and part of their culture. He believes by combining tried and true policies of the past in a modern-day stratagem The Club can save America from the fate all other countries suffered--each in turn, they rose to prominence and then, with the passing of time, ended up on the ash heap of suffering, misery, and heartbreak.