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Missing Mummy

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Living in the Shadow of an Alcoholic Parent
By Emma Speigler
ISBN: 978 1 84747 022 5
Published: 2006
Pages: 80
Missing Mummy looks at alcoholism and the effects it can have on a family. It provides an insight into the complex emotions of a child growing up with an alcoholic parent, whose mother was also an alcoholic. The poetry takes a journey of recovery to end with a message of hope, acceptance and forgiveness.
About the Author
Emma Spiegler has compiled a variety of 30 poems to offer the reader an insight into addiction and its consequences. Having lived with an alcoholic mother for 20 years, she has seen her mother suffer greatly from mental illness, and her mother has now entered the beautiful world of sobriety, stopping the cycle of addiction.
Book Extract
The Untold Memories Of Past Souls
A sadness filled stem
Only told by its droopiness
Foreverness in a stream of worries
A broken trust bond time and time again
Tears of a bird that only remains in the sky
Children left dying
With only self preservation to survive
Share your warmth with me
Just a little or two
Touch me you monster
Before I internalise you
Envelope the creatures that so desperately crave for affection
Capture the wicked whose heads must be stamped on
Death is intolerable even words can't describe
Emotions like waterfalls
Each trickle access denied
Killing sprees are destined as are too the embryo's
Life is a journey that will never be known
Open your eyes and your secrets will pour
Fixing your hairs only closes your pores
Giving hope of the daylight
Safety of the infinite stars
Grazing the knuckles
When there are already scars
Starving the nations
Bleeding them dry
Versace and lip-gloss
There is something in my eye
Quietness is bliss
But then company is missed
Laughter is a blessing
For there is beauty in pain
Love is a gift
With a thousand names
Growth is a promise
We must keep to ourselves
Patience is a virtue
That must be sold on shelves
Time is a present
Today is my feast
Water is my sanctuary where I defeat the beasts
Peoples are searching
Expression through nature
Countries are crying
Mothers dumped in a dumpster
Forgetting an art form and love a true wonder
Greed a phenomenon
And guilt a natural disaster
Heaven's doors crushed on blindness forever
Never finding
Oppressing creation
Memories are whispers
Heard everywhere
Pictures are blinkers on what was truly there
Skin is as real as you make it be
Happiness will come when you set yourself free
Disenfranchised my favourite word
Never ending rainbows
His histories repeating
Depression is a theme
With a life-force of its own
Sanity is only necessary
When the grass has overgrown
Mixing and matching
Like eve's forbidden fruit
Man made religion
Designed only to confuse
Those who give in and become blinded by tradition
People are amazing
A new realisation

ISBN 184747022X
EAN 9781847470225
Seiten 72 Seiten
Veröffentlicht Januar 2006
Verlag/Hersteller Chipmunkapublishing
Autor E. Spiegler

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