Does the Consumption of Alcohol Significantly Increase the Risk of Self-Harm? - Gavin Hutchison

Gavin Hutchison

Does the Consumption of Alcohol Significantly Increase the Risk of Self-Harm?

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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2010 im Fachbereich Soziologie - Medizin und Gesundheit, , Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: This project examines whether alcohol significantly increases the risk of self harm. By examining clinical research in Oxford, Northern Ireland and Scotland a relationship has been established. The statistics paint a similar picture, indicating that alcohol significantly increases self harm in men, additionally it hints at possible regional variations in relation to consumption to alcohol and self harm. Alcohols disinhibiting effects are explored to explain alcohols role in self harm. Additionally sex, alcohol and self harm is researched to explain why more men are admitted to hospital with alcohol related issues when harming themselves. Alcohol, self harm and childhood trauma is also explored in relation to women. This project challenges the assumption that self harm is a female dominated phenomenon, and raises many questions.
Societal harm has been a major concern for the masses, with the health of the alcohol consumer a secondary concern. "Until recently it has been rare for any society to focus on alcohols effects on health as a criterion of state policy." (Room, R. 1997) This harm comes in many forms, for example "short term effects such as a hangover, an injury, or an overdose, or long term effects such as liver cirrhoses..." (Room, R. 1997) This harm, along with self harm is seen as the responsibility of the individual. "[t]here is an obvious conflict in modern societies between the doctrine of consumer sovereignty and these increasingly exacting standards of care and attention...The solution...has been to place the burden of managing of the conflict (and the blame for failure) on the individual." (Room, R. 1997)The freedom to consume alcohol as and when we like forms a large part of Western culture, it is also a very profitable businesses for both companies and governments. If the government are willing to allow the availability of alcohol which is affordable to the masses, it would be beneficial to educate people about the risk it involves. Not just the obvious risks such as liver cirrhoses or drink driving, but its status as a risk factor for such harm.

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