Jost Nickel
Jost Nickel's Fill Book

A Systematic and Fun Approach to Fills. Originaltitel: Jost Nickel Fill Book. SW-Fotos. CD. Sprache: Englisch.
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This book is for anybody who wants to discover the big, wide world of drum fills. You'll find plenty of fill concepts to inspire you and enable you to understand the essential theory behind them so you can create your own drum fills.
Step by step, Jost introduces rhythmic concepts that can be used universally on different levels and in every musical
situation. He presents orchestration ideas, phrasings, and exercises focusing on dynamics and accents. He shows the different subdivisions that are essential for drum-fill playing and fills for binary and ternary grooves such as shuffles.
Ideas on switch & path orchestration, diddle kicks, and clockwise & counterclockwise playing will enrich your drumming, as will step-hit-hi-hat, hand & foot rolls, cymbal chokes, stick shots,
and many more.
The JOST NICKEL'S FILL BOOK comes with an MP3 CD so you can hear many of the recorded fills in different tempos. Additionally, for those fills where you need to see how to move, there are twenty videos online. A 12-page insert containing reading texts completes the concept of this book. Jost and Alfred Music wish you a lot of fun and success with the
ANIKA NILLES, famous female drummer, says about Jost's fill book: "A great book for all of us ... I find Jost's fill book very inspiring for my own playing and I highly recommend it!"
MATT HALPERN, voted as "The Best Metal Drummer" by Modern Drummer magazine: "One of the things I love most about Jost's playing is his approach to drum fills. His use of flams, cymbal accents, and melodic placements are just a few components that make his musical style so exciting to see and hear."
MIKE JOHNSTON, Clinician/Educator of the Year 2016: "Jost is teaching you the deeper concepts that allow the fills to exist in the first place. Amazing book by a world class player!"
CHRIS COLEMAN, drummer with Prince, Chaka Khan, and many more: "Not only is Jost one of my favorite humans, he's a methodical and practical BEAST of a Musician & Drummer. This book will show you ALL of that."

Jost Nickel is one of the new breed of drummers emerging from Germany. A top session and tour player, like his friends Anika Nilles
(one of Jost's students), Benny Greb, and Marco Minnemann, Jost is taking contemporary drumming in new directions. His name appears within the credits of many hit records at home, as well as abroad.
"When you play in a band," says Jost, "it's obvious that your groove, the right tempo, your sound, and the interaction with your fellow musicians are most important. I also just love to play fills, when they seem appropriate. It makes playing more fun, and the music more energetic!"
Jost, who studied at Drummers Collective in New York, is a tutor at the highly acclaimed University of Pop in Mannheim, and has made his mark with several international performances, including Montréal Drum Fest (Canada), PASIC (U.S.A.), The NAMM Show (U.S.A.), Meinl Drum Festival, London Drum Show, and the Tam-Tam Festival in Spain.
"This book," adds Jost, "is all about fills that sound great and are fun to play. Studying it will also enable drummers to come up with their own ideas."
As an author, he has published articles in Modern Drummer (U.S.A.), Drummer (UK), Rhythm & Drums (Japan), Batterie (France), Perkusista (Poland), and Drums & Percussion (Germany), as well as his premier Alfred Music publication JOST NICKEL'S GROOVE BOOK (2014).

ISBN 3943638359
EAN 9783943638356
Seiten 144 Seiten
Veröffentlicht Oktober 2017
Verlag/Hersteller Alfred Music Publishing G
Autor Jost Nickel

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