Thalis P. Coutoupis

Ta Endeka Defterolepta

H aftobiografia enos asimou pou sunantise ston dromo tou pollous diasimous. Paperback. Sprache: Griechisch.
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This volume is an autobiographic work written by Thalis P. Coutoupis. Thalis is one of the most reputable and leader in communication and public relations services in Greece. He introduced the political communication and he was advisor of key officials and personalities in Greece. Among them, the former king of Greece, Presidents at Hellenic Republic, Prime Ministers, reputable businessmen, etc.
He was chief at Leo Burnett and other tier 1 companies and he has worked as self-employed in this sector too.
Throught the book, the reader can see the critical developments in the recent 60 years in Greece. Political changes, establishment and death of big organizations, and the development of the Greek society and culture during this period.
The book is written in Greek language and it is self-published by Thalis P. Coutoupis.
The title in Greek means 'The Eleven Seconds' and the subtitle 'an unknown man who met many reputable personalities'.
"The Eleven Seconds" is a phrase that is being mentioned in the book and indicating the critical time for significant decisions and evenths of his life.

Born: Athens, 1941. Divorced.
Studies: Political and Economical Sciences and Law, Athens University.
Speaks fluently English.
Journalism: Editor, columnist and editor in chief in Athenian dailies and magazines, 1958-67. "Express" financial daily, 1974-81. Since 1982, he comments on communication, political and social issues, in "Marketing Week".
Advertising: Co-Managing Director of the then 4th bigger Advertising Agency "Interad" S.A, 1974-82. Chairman and Managing Director of "Leo Burnett" Advertising, 1980-86, when he resigned to follow a freelancer career, as Communication Consultant.
Public Relations: Managing Director of the then biggest P.R. Agency "Interpress" Ltd, 1968-80. Special P.R. Advisor to the then ruling party of "New Democracy", 1978-79. Communication Manager of the same party, 1987-89. Free-lancer Communication Consultant, 1986-today. President of the Board for the National Communication Abroad, of the then ruling party PASOK, 1997-98. Member of the Board of Directors of the biggest technological institution of Greece, Athens TEI (Dec. 2012). Special Advisor to the Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. D. Avramopoulos (Jan. 2013)
Pioneer in Corporate Communication
Pioneer in political communication, has designed and executed, since 1974, dozens of political and social campaigns, on behalf of parties, public and private organizations, institutions and individual politicians.
Considered as one of the very few specialists on Choregia (Sponsorship). He teaches Public Relations, Advertising and Choregia, since 1971, in Universities, public and private organizations. Has participated in numerous local and international congresses, as speaker.

ISBN 191037069X
EAN 9781910370698
Seiten 508 Seiten
Veröffentlicht Dezember 2015
Verlag/Hersteller Stergiou Limited
Autor Thalis P. Coutoupis

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